From early August 2017 we are certified according to Global GAP, GRASP and HACCP.


Global GAP
This is a European quality system intended to ensure food safety. GAP stands for Good Agricultural Production of fresh fruit and vegetables. Once a company has been certified, it is regularly checked by TUV-Nord. In order to maintain Global GAP our administration conducts our own checks.

A breeder who is certified:

  • minimizes environmental pollution
  • urges the use of artificial plant protection products
  • makes more efficient use of natural resources
  • works well with people’s health, safety and well-being

Minimal use is made of artificial fertilizer and plant protection products and we accurately register how much and what resources are used. Super-berries endeavors as much as possible for organic farming and introduces many natural pesticides. For example, birds, ladybugs and bees are used for combat. The weed is not sprayed away with pesticides but is removed mechanically and manually.

View here our Global-GAP certificate: 4059883166590


This is an addition to the Global GAP certification and focuses on the social aspects of the company. The certified company complies with requirements in the areas of personnel and payroll administration. All employees have a contract of employment, they are not underage and their hours are kept transparent. People are entitled to a pension benefit and unemployment benefit. There is absolutely no use of child labor or other forms of exploitation. The employees get a fair pay and a hot meal daily.

View here our GRASP certificate: 4059883166590


This certificate guarantees that we meet high hygiene requirements. This hygiene begins from picking, the workers use special gloves and the crates are washed after use. Upon arrival in the cold store, the employees first enter a secluded room and wear special clothes. The processing area is free from fume and is continuously checked strictly. After railing of raspberries in our cold store to 1 degree Celsius, the raspberries are sorted, weighed and packed by specially trained staff.

View here our HACCP certificate: 44 112 17430110

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